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This is EXCLUSIVE, kids.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney got a big surprise last night at a fundraising cocktail party on the Upper East Side.

One of her rivals in Tuesday’s coming election, Suraj Patel, crashed the party and pulled her aside for a confab. Luckily, someone at the fabled Beach Cafe got a photo of the pair, plus their aides, standing next to the Beach Cafe’s famous lifeguard stand.

It’s almost a metaphor. Does someone need help from drowning?

Maloney and Patel are each trailing Rep. Jerry Nadler in the three way race that will end on Tuesday. The race exists because the districts of Nadler and Maloney — each popular, effective, long time New York-Manhattan members of Congress — were combined in redistricting. They are now running against each other with Patel as the spoiler.

Patel has been seen hanging around the Maloney campaign in the last couple of weeks. But to crash a party in public? You can tell from the look on Maloney’s face, she was caught off guard.

Patel, a former Obama aide, almost beat Maloney in 2020. If he threw his support to her now, Nadler could be toppled. (It will be a shame to lose either Nadler or Maloney, frankly.)

Or maybe they were there for the Beach Cafe’s glorious Bolognese sauce. I’ve been dreaming about it since dinner last night!

PS Why are we covering it? First, because it happened. Second, because I’m a fourth generation New Yorker. And whoever wins this election will have a huge impact on my life, my family’s, and the future of many things in our amazing city!

Here they are. Photo c2022 Showbiz411.com


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