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The great TV oracle Joe Adalian, aka @TVMoe and west coast editor of Vulture, Tweeted bad news for “Days of Our Lives” fans today.

Some folks on Twitter have asked me this, so I investigated: When #DaysOfOurLives moves exclusively to Peacock next month, the library isn’t going to expand,” Joe writes. “The streamer will continue offering the most recent season’s episodes and well as the previous season.”

He adds: “Is it possible at some point, Corday Prods. and Peacock could work out a deal to digitize older episodes. Of course. But as of now, there are no plans to do that at launch, or likely anytime soon. Hopefully this will change.”

I’m not surprised to hear this news. “Days of Our Lives” moves to Peacock from NBC in a couple of weeks, and when it does, I think fans should start bracing themselves for a final year for the 57 year old soap. The network is not going to go through the trouble of bringing all the reruns to any archive.

Rather than enrage the remaining 2 million fans by just pulling the plug, NBC is likely setting the stage for a soft ending a year from now. Peacock is not a success, they can’t sustain the “Days” budget as an original program. NBC has a contract through August 2023 and it’s likely the sand will finally run out of the hourglass then.

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