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Mariah Carey knows just how to get herself in hot water.

According to Variety, Mariah is trying to trademark “The Queen of Christmas” for herself. This is because the only record she has on her resume that still sells is “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” The song has been a mega hit for 25 years largely because it’s a take on all the Phil Spector Christmas songs. Walter Afanasieff wrote “All I Want,” Mariah claims co-authorship, but really it’s written and produced like a Spector/Ellie Greenwich song.

Darlene Love objects to the trademark. Darlene is the actual Queen of Christmas, even more so now that Ronnie Spector has sadly left us. Darlene’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” is the ultimate Christmas record. She sang it on David Letterman’s show every year for 25 years. It dates back to the 60s.

And it was written by Spector, Greenwich, and Jeff Barry.

Since she registered her complaint about Mariah trying to muscle in on Christmas, Love has had to endure the wrath of Carey’s fans, the Lambs. (They are hardly lambs, as I could have told her.) Below are Darlene’s latest thoughts on the subject.

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