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Last year Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary, “Get Back,” was the hit of the season on DisneyPlus. No one could stop watching it and the reviews were raves.

The DVD-Blu Ray release was coming, then postponed and kind of fell between the cracks. It should have been a monster release.

“Get Back” was finally released three weeks ago in both formats. No one knows about it, and it’s been a dud. The DVD version has sold just 12,716 copies. The Blu Ray has sold 31,661. This is very disappointing. Total sales so far have come to just $1.6 million.

This was a landmark documentary that fans should have wanted for their permanent collections. Paul McCartney did what he could, using footage from the doc in his live concerts this spring. Otherwise, there’s been little promotion. Ringo Starr is currently trying to give the collection a boost on Twitter, using pictures of toes in sandals for some reason as an illustration. It’s not a good look.

Me? After writing several glowing pieces about the documentary last year, I tried to get a review copy so I could do more. Not one email has been answered. It’s likely I am not alone in this predicament.

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