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Where was our mayor last night, New York?

Was Eric Adams preparing for a day dealing with murder, homelessness, a failed economy? Was he persuading commercial landlords to lower their prices so retail stores would return to the city? Was dealing with a homeless drunk woman defecating on a Greenwich Village stoop? (I was, thanks, Eric.)

No, Eric Adams was partying hard at 1 am this morning at a place called Bar 13. It’s a multilevel lounge on East 13th St. and University Place where young people go to dance and date. (Is he married? I’m a little unclear about that.)

Bar 13 features reggae on one floor, rap on another, and last night a private birthday party on the 3rd floor. And that’s where Swaggering Eric had his picture taken. He’s wearing a track suit, just like Ed Koch, Mike Bloomberg, and John Lindsay used to do when they were out clubbing at 1am.

We are in a lot of trouble. PS I’m sure that’s a cup of water in his hand.

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