Home Celebrity Britney Spears’ Husband Posts Sadly Illiterate, Misspelled Defense of Wife’s Naked Pictures

I don’t know who Sam Ashgari is, really, but he’s Britney Spears’s husband. He appears to have less of an education than she does, which is hard to believe.

Ashgari posted a defense of his wife’s exhibitionism on social media. He can’t spell embarrassment properly. And he doesn’t know anything about prepositions. The statement

“embarrassed of their parents” actually hurt me in the solar plexus.

Why don’t these people understand that if the kids are embarrassed they should take down the pictures and refrain from this kind of activity altogether? They seem determined to hurt the teen boys. And listen, Sam, I’m embarrassed for Britney and I’m not even a fan.
The whole thing is like an episode from an X rated “Beverly Hillbillies.”

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