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We thought NBC was getting out of the soap opera business– they cancelled “Days of our Lives” from the network.

But they’re bringing back an old soap — The Golden Globes. It looks like the Globes are coming back to TV after being put on hold for lack of diversity and financial improprieties.

The Hollywood Reporter says the show will return on January 10, 2023– a Tuesday night, on NBC. Of course, The Reporter is owned by the same man who now owns the Globes and the Hollywood Foreign Press, so they would know, wouldn’t they?

There’s no real confirmation, but it makes sense. The studios want the Globes imprimatur and figure most people don’t know all the scandals and inside stuff that has hobbled the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Will publicists return, too, and bring their clients to HFPA press conferences and parties? Will the old members of the HFPA go along with the new rules after decades of being gifted and favors curried?

The new date– January 10th — will put the Globes just five days ahead of the Critics Choice Awards, a legit organization. Will the TV audience watch both shows? And who will host the Globes? Bring back Ricky Gervais! (No, actually they should get Chris Rock. Now that would be genius!)

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