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A sharp eyed fan pointed this out to me.

This could only otherwise have happened on an actual soap opera.

There’s a tragic link between Anne Heche, who had a terrible, drunken car accident this past weekend, and another actress.

Heche played the role of Marley and Vicky Love (twins) on the NBC soap, “Another World,” in the late 1980s. She won a Daytime Emmy award and left for greener pastures.

Her successor was actress Jensen Buchanan, who took over the roles in 1991 and played them until the 35 year old soap ended in 1999.

Heche now is in ICU in a Los Angeles hospital after plowing her car into a Los Angeles home on Friday. Her car, a Mini Cooper, is burnt to a crisp. According to reports, the home was destroyed. Friends and neighbors of the owner have started a GoFundMe campaign for the now homeless woman. There are pictures of a possible vodka bottle in Heche’s car taken right before the accident.

Strangely enough, Buchanan has a similar, slightly more awful but parallel story. In 2016, she was arrested for a DUI that resulted in the near death of the person she hit. (He was severely injured, according to reports.) Buchanan had a blood alcohol content level of 0.34 when she reportedly veered onto the wrong side of Highway 154 and into the path of an Arizona driver, nearly killing him. 

The former soap star, who’d been married for 10 years to top Hollywood talent agency owner Sam Gores, was sentenced to one year in County Jail and five years probation. And here’s the kicker: she was released from jail subsequently, having served about a month and a half of custody time. But in 2018 she was remanded back to prison for allegedly violating the probation. She was cleared, however, after a hearing.

Heche, of course, won’t be charged with anything until she’s back to health and what actually happened has been determined. Her accident was just that, an accident. But the connection between the two actresses is stranger than fiction.

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