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Lars von Tier, whose name in Danish must mean “controversial,” has had a terrible health diagnosis. According to reports, he’s learned he has Parkinson’s Disease.

Much as von Trier in more recent years has made incomprehensibly negative films — and public statements, this is really terrible.

von Trier was banned from Cannes in 2011 after he declared, “I am a Nazi!” at the press conference for his excellent film, “Melancholia.” It was at that press conference that he said on stage that he’s like to make a “porno” with his actresses, Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

At the premiere of his most shocking and disagreeable film, “Anti-Christ,” one critic stood up and demanded to know why he made it, and to justify its existence.

But von Trier has made a lot of edgy, unusual, and provocative films of artistic integrity including “Melancholia,” “Dogville,” “Breaking the Waves,” and “Dancer in the Dark.”

Because of the diagnosis, von Trier will skip promotional activities at the Venice Film Festival for his latest Danish TV series.

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