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Tough going over the weekend.

Brad Pitt’s “Bullet Train” left the station but didn’t go far. It was, as the Clash once titled, a “train in vain.” The total for the weekend was $30 mil. The movie cost $90 mil. Abroad, another $30 mil came in, getting us closer but not close enough. August is a long month, it’s possible other passengers will come onboard both here and in other locales.

Universal– which is getting ready to release a hot horror film in “Beast” with Idris Elba — had less luck with “Easter Sunday.” Jo Koy’s Filipino comedy got stuck in a Manila envelope that no one could unclasp. The result was just $5.25 million. Better to flip over to streaming ASAP. “Beast” will come roaring in, I think, and terrify August audiences. We’ll see it tomorrow night.

Whoever put money into Lena Dunham’s “Sharp Stick” is not getting it back. Two weeks in very limited release have brought in $42,000. The movie doesn’t look like it cost very much, but whatever it was, it’s gone. Terrible film that won’t find a home on mainstream streaming. Goodnight and good luck.

“Top Gun Maverick” is still in theaters and made $7 million this weekend. What? Maybe Scientologists are hypnotizing each other into going for a fifth time. Good film, but not this good. Not a film for the ages. But it stays aloft.

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