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Beyonce’s Queens mix for “Break My Soul” is a sad comment on pop music.

Not content to have created the Frankenstein-eque “Break My Soul” from two old disco records, Beyonce decided to remix it with one more.

Now in addition to the two other records, Beyonce has sampled or interpolated or grafted Madonnas “Vogue” from 1990. Madonna wasn’t required to do a thing except sign off, take some dough, and get her name back in the top 10 for the first time in decades.

“Break My Soul” already depended largely on “Show Me Love” by Robin S. and “Explode: by Big Freedia.

You can hear “Vogue” mixed into “Break My Soul” the way Sfeve’s Ice Cream used to fold in M&Ms and Reese’s pieces into their ice cream. Remember how people stood in line for that? And then Steve’s went out of business.

Kudos to Guy Oseary or whoever thought of this mix. Interesting that on Friday it was “only available” on Beyonce’s website but magically turned up on iTunes.

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