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Poor Sean Diddy Combs.

No one bought or listened to the singer he produced with Bryson Tiller called “Gotta Move On.” Everyone moved on including radio! Total sales in 10 weeks have come to 90,000 almost only from streaming. Actual sales are 1,875.

So now what? Combs has posted a video begging radio deejays to abandon their playlists and spin the record, despite the fact that it is DEAD. In the video, Puffy looks a little…puffy, frankly. He doesn’t say where he is, but then comes the kicker: he’s on the Isle of Capri, where vacations begin at $100,000.

LOL. Mo money, mo problems. I doubt these phantom dee jays are going to be very sympathetic to this plea. But more power to Puffy. He’s living his best life!

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