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The Days of our Lives are almost over.

NBC has kicked the 57 year old soap opera off broadcast TV after 57 years. The series has one year to on its contract, so the network has sent it to subscriber-light Peacock on streaming.

In the last year NBC experimented with “Days” on Peacock by offering weeklong specials called “Beyond Salem.” Despite a recent Emmy win for writing for the main series and nominations for the streaming weeks, NBC had a purpose: to get “Days of our Lives” viewers used to find the show on streaming.

NBC has wanted to get soaps off their air for decades. Systematically they cancelled “Another World,” “The Doctors,” “Sunset Beach,” and “Santa Barbara.” “Days” was the last bastion. Now they will replace the soap with an unwanted hour of news which will be lower rated than “Days” but cost a lot less.

What will happen to “Days”? On Peacock the budget will be lower than it is now (which seems impossible). The show will be whittled down to a few older favorite actors and a few younger less expensive ones. It’s likely that the end will come in a year. “Days” will end its NBC run on September 9th.

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