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Happy 96th birthday, Tony Benedetto aka Tony Bennett!

A year ago tonight Tony took the stage at Radio City Music Hall and celebrated his 95th birthday with an amazing concert featuring Lady Gaga. Fans wondered if he could do it, but Tony performed like a young man, belting out a set of classic American songs with confidence and charisma. The voice and the sensibility have never gone away.

Even now, Tony is still vocalizing at three times a week at home in his Manhattan aerie for friends and family. You can’t keep a good man down!

And it’s not just the huge number of Grammys, Emmys, and other awards that marks Tony’s 96 years. He was always a political activist, marching with and singing for Martin Luther King. He’s also been a huge philanthropist with his Exploring the Arts Foundation and the Frank Sinatra High School for the Arts he built in Queens with his wife, Susan.

Stay cool, Tony!

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