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Peak TV is about to bring us quite a story. You know when someone says ‘this should be a mini-series’? Hah!

This one will about Tiffany Johnson’s saga as the first transgender woman to be officially recognized as an Army spouse. The project is now in development from producer Dick Atkins who’s secured Tiffany’s life rights and is putting together a limited television series. Atkins is working with producing associates George Gallo and Jeb Brien.

Here’s the story:

In 1979, a troubled young man, Stephen Davis, entered the US Air Force. This story is about him. In 1983, Tiffany Johnson became an Army spouse when she married Sgt. William Dillahunt.  This story is about her. In 1990, the Army Criminal Investigation Command, with help from the State Department and the Pentagon, discovered a shocking fact: Stephen Davis and Tiffany Dillahunt were the same person.   

A combination of “The Crying Game” meets “M Butterfly” in the US Military – call it a true story and you wouldn’t have half of the extraordinary adventure of this charismatic young man who longed for life as a woman. This is believed to be the first Army case of transgender woman who was recognized officially as an Army spouse.  Tiffany met Dillahunt after transitioning to a woman in Texas. During their seven-year marriage, Tiffany “loved him more than anything in the world with all her heart.” said Stephen Davis.

Producer Atkins, through his A-Films production company, searched for and found Tiffany. Through many days of travel, discussions together and discovery for them both, he was able to piece together Tiffany’s amazing journey from young man to woman, against the backdrop of the most unlikely of places… the United States Military. And they have become longtime friends in the process.

PS I’m told Tiffany has been married 7 times! A friend says, “She’s still looking…”

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