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I’ve been talking to sources in and out of WarnerMedia this afternoon after the alarming news that “Batgirl”– which possibly cost $90 million — i s being shelved.

Sources tell me that this was bombshell news to all of us, but in the company it’s been known for a while that “Batgirl” was dead. What a shame. Also, Michael Keaton must be livid. He came out of bat retirement to play his character and did a lot of publicity.

Meantime, I am assured that rumors of HBO Max being subsumed into Discovery Plus are not true. My sources there said, “At this point anything is possible, but there’s been no sign of that.” HBO Max is a hit, with lots of popular shows. They’ve burnished their name and logo quickly. Viewers refer to “HBO Max shows.” Discovery sounds like a science channel.

As for “Batgirl,” the fact that Warner/ DC did nothing for it at Comic Con should sent a Bat Signal. The other movie I’d worry about is “The Flash.” So far there’s no word on its fate, but the Ezra Miller fiasco episodes may make it impossible to release.

One day, when Warner’s is owned by Tesla or Apple we can sit back and watch a bunch of unreleased films from Warner’s made during this period. That should be fun!

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