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In Hebrew, the number 18 spelled out translates into “life.”

But naming Johnny Depp and Jeff Back naming their album “18” hasn’t given any life to sales. Johnny Depp’s record with guitar ace Jeff Beck is not going to pay any legal bills, either, that’s for sure. Total sales after two weeks is just under 13,000 according to Luminate.

About the half sales were from streaming. The individual tracks haven’t gotten much traction, either. The most streamed song, “Isolation,” sold the equivalent of around 31,000 copies. The other tracks, not so much. The one named for actress-inventor-spy Hedy Lamarr didn’t sell at all. One reason might be no one who’d buy a single knows who Hedy Lamarr was.

Depp has always imagined that he’s a rock star, but that was only in his mind. He’s an average guitarist and not much of a singer, but he has the look. And that’s something!

As for Jeff Beck, he’d be smart to erase Depp’s vocals and re-record the “18” songs with a real singer. It could be called “18.2.”

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