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Joni Mitchell’s surprise appearance this past weekend at the Newport Folk Festival has sent her records up the charts.

Five albums have entered the iTunes Top 100. And one single, “Both Sides Now,” is number 21 on the iTunes singles chart.

The four albums are “Blue,” “Hits,” “Both Sides Now,” “Court and Spark.” New fans are missing out on “The Hissing of Summer Lawns.”

So flying across the country and putting on a show with Brandi Carlile has turned out be a great success for Joni.

Meantime, Rhino just announced their releasing a box set of what some of us consider her best albums, from Asylum Records, on September 23rd. Those are “Hissing,” “Court and Spark,” “For the Roses,” and the live album, “Miles of Aisles.” Believe me, you want this box. Joni never listed a producer on the original releases, but later, in the 00’s, she finally conceded she was her own producer. (The late Henry Lewy was the engineer.)

Rhino today released the remastered single “You Turn Me On (I’m a Radio)” from “For the Roses.” And here it is:

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