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I did tell you on June 13th that Elton John was planning another remix of an old hit with a pop icon. This would be like his “Cold Heart” smash hit with Dua Lipa.

Now comes word that the new record will be a rethinking of “Tiny Dancer” with Britney Spears. Spears is not a great singer but that doesn’t matter. She’s indeed an icon and a person of the moment. This would be her first new record in years. She actually hasn’t had a hit in more than a dozen years (I’m being kind).

Elton and husband David Furnish are shrewd marketers. They already released “The Lockdown Sessions” with Elton on duets with a variety of pop stars. The producer is Andrew Watt, hot as a pistol, as they used to say. and adept at making this sort of thing work.

I’m curious to see which other Elton songs are rolled into “Tiny Dancer,” and if it gets a new title as “Cold Heart” used to be called “Sacrifice.” If it’s a hit, look for Britney to turn up at Elton’s final show at Dodger Stadium in November.

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