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You can’t stop a bad movie franchise.

Netflix is determined to make “The Gray Man” into something. So they’ve announced a sequel to the current film and a spinoff movie as well in the so called Gray Man “Universe.”

Well, they can’t be worse than the current films. “The Gray Man” teeters on Rotten Tomatoes at around 49%. It’s a bad movie, with no character development or real story, just a lot of explosions and shooting of military machine guns. Everything shatters including the story.

Ryan Gosling was announced for the sequel. Ana de Armas may be in that one, or the spin off which will written in the glib style of “Deadpool.” They tried for that in this one and failed to make i stick.

Anthony and Joe and Russo will return to direct, which makes sense since they are not going back to Marvek and “Avengers” movies.

Netflix says “The Gray Man” is their number 1 movie in 92 countries and I believe them. I’m sure all subscribers are tuning in for 20 minutes or so. But to make it past the first hour — that’s commitment.

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