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Audiences were so-so on Jordan Peele’s “Nope” in its opening weekend. Box office came in at $44 million, a little lower than I thought and a lot lower than some predictions.

But the big story turns out to be Sony’s “Where the Crawdads Sing.” The fans of Delia Owens’ novel have really turned out for the film adaptation, getting it to $38 million as of today. That’s amazing because reviewers didn’t care for it, and there was even some negative publicity about Owens before the opening (she’s wanted in questioning for a crime, but these days, with Donald Trump running around free, that’s nothing).

“Crawdads” only fell 40% from last week. Sony should be kvelling. Aside from “Spider Man,” they haven’t had a regular old hit in a long time. It bodes well for “Bullet Train,” which pulls into the station with Brad Pitt on August 5th.

Otherwise, “Top Gun” and “Thor” see no flagging in interest. And “Elvis” continues to bring in the fans. It’s up to $118 million and going strong. There will be Oscar nominations here. You can count on it.

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