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The fans at Comic Con are literally losing it.

Disney and Marvel have just announced two new Avengers movies for 2025 and one Fantastic Four movie for 2023.

“Avengers: Kang Dynasty” comes in May 2025, followed by “Avengers: Secret Wars” in November.

That news should send Disney stock through the roof. The “Fantastic Four” movie will come in November 2024. There will likely be other movies in the Marvel Universe, and all these films will have guest cameos and Easter Eggs galore. Who will return? All the actors who miss those paychecks, whether or not their characters are alive or dead.


Right now, of course, “Thor Love and Thunder” is booming at the box office. So somehow all of these movies will fit together in some kind of jigsaw puzzle that will make the fans go into nirvana like hyperdrive.

No other details yet. But my guess is the Avengers movies come from the Russo brothers, who will be too busy to make any more “Gray Man” episodes.  Kevin Feige tells Deadline.com the Russos are not connected to these films. I guess he’s seen “The Gray Man.”

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