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“Nope” is the movie of the moment, and very divisive among critics. Most criticized it on Rotten Tomatoes but gave it a “fresh” because it’s so well made.

Audiences were also ambivalent last night. A $13 million Friday is nothing to sneeze, so “Nope” is looking at a total $45 million weekend.

In terms of cute headline writing, this was more of “alright” rather than a resounding “yep” for “Nope.”

It will all be based on word of mouth, too. The third act goes so haywire. I’m trying to imagine what people say to each other when the movie ends. I know at the press screening there were a lot of hmmmm’s and huh’s but few stayed for the credits. That last part of the film is so exhausting and unsatisfying after a big build up you just want to get to the bathroom and see if the world is still outside.

Otherwise, “Top Gun Maverick” and “Thor: The Funny Years” are booming away. More tomorrow.

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