Home Television “Bridgerton” Starts Shooting Season 3 with a Replacement Character for Rege-Jean Page

“Bridgerton” starts shooting season 3, and the producers are not stupid.

Into the cast they’ve brought actor Daniel Francis playing a new character who is obviously a replacement for Rege-Jean Page.

Francis will play Marcus Anderson, described as “a charismatic presence who lights up any room he enters, attracting the notice of certain matriarchs in the ton — and the ire of others.”

Page was the sensation of season 1 as Simon Bassett, the sizzling sex symbol who turned the show into a hit overnight. But his character wasn’t part of the subsequent “Bridgerton” books that were to be filmed for the Netflix films– and he wasn’t going to be written into them.

Since then. the sex factor on “Bridgerton” has been demoted to Hallmark movie levels– rated G with a wink. Season 2 star Jonathan Bailey didn’t get busy. And season 3 star Luke Newton looks lire more chamomile tea. So Francis may be the key to lighting up “Bridgerton” skirts this time around.

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