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It’s a TKO for “Rocky” producer Irwin Winkler.

Yesterday, Sylvester Stallone posted offending messages about the producer of the movie that made him famous back in 1976.

Overnight the posts are gone. It was a wise move.

Stallone’s posts, uncharacteristically filled with venom, accused Winkler of keeping the rights to “Rocky” away from his descendants. He posted a very detailed drawing of Winkler that Stallone drew showing him as a snake. The drawing had clear anti-Semitic overtones.

Stallone ignored the fact that he is now thought to be worth at least $400 million. Or that Winkler and his late partner, Robert Chartoff, mortgaged their homes to get “Rocky” made in the first place with Stallone as its star.

Stallone also went after Winkler’s son, David, calling a book he just published “toilet paper.”

But now the posts have been removed. What went on among lawyers we can only guess. Stallone is starring in a new TV series from the creators of “Yellowstone” from Paramount. I’m sure the top brass there freaked out when they saw the ensuing negative publicity. And that doesn’t even take in other possible legal issues Stallone may have created.

My sources say Winkler, a genial guy, didn’t bat an eyelash. He was cool as a cucumber all day. After all, that’s what makes for a great producer!

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