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“The Gray Man” has not been a crowd pleaser in theaters.

Netflix doesn’t release box office figures, but a quick, unscientific look at Fandango indicates audiences didn’t flock to the $200 million thriller this weekend.

The steamer is counting on their subscribers sampling a few minutes of “The Gray Man” beginning Friday when it hits the platform. Even if no one gets through the film, Netflix will declare a victory.

But in person, “The Gray Man” is not an attraction. Today, for example, The Paris Theater in New York has sold fewer than 10 seats for two shows. Ditto the Cinepolis on West 23rd St. In Los Angeles, about four tickets are sold at the Westwood Landmark.

Otherwise, we can surmise most movie fans are waiting for Friday. Or they’ve read the reviews.

Meanwhile, Netflix is suffering online with “Persuasian,” a Jane Austen adaptation starring Dakota Johnson that is jus awful. I’m a big fan Dakota fan, but this project, let’s say, has gone South. I guess Vanity Fair hadn’t seen it when they put her on the cover. They should have waited til the winter when Apple’s “Cha Cha Real Smooth” — showing Ms. Johnson at her best — has some awards attention.

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