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The tragic reality of the death of Ivana Trump is just setting in.

Ivana, aged 73, was found dead Thursday in her Upper East Side townhouse. According to the medical examiner, she fell from her “Dynasty” like staircase and hit her head. She died immediately.

Even with all her money, Ivana was definite: she didn’t want anyone living in the house with her, and certainly wouldn’t wear a Life Alarm around her neck. She took her chances.

Now I’m told Ivana’s funeral is planned for Wednesday, July 20th. Church sources say it will take place at the famed St. Vincent de Ferrer Catholic Church on Lexington Avenue. The church, an architectural masterpiece, was where Andy Warhol prayed, and Geraldine Ferraro was memorialized at her own funeral.

The choice is very appropriate. St. Vincent was the saint of builders. Ivana literally rebuilt the Plaza Hotel when her husband bought it, restoring it to grandeur. She built businesses and a life for herself after Donald Trump was caught having an affair.

The affair still gnawed at her. I’m told not invited to her funeral are Marla Maples, the wife who succeeded her, and Marla’s daughter with Donald, Tiffany Trump. I would guess that Mary Trump, the cousin who has revealed a lot of family secrets in books and interviews, won’t be on the list either. Mary, strangely, has not posted anything to Twitter about Ivana’s death.

There are reports that Donald himself will attend, along with current wife Melania. Why not? Donald is a publicity hound, and he would consider this a perfect way to get sympathy and attention just as he and daughter Ivanka are set to testify in front of New York State Attorney General Letitia James.

If Donald stands in front of St. Vincent de Ferrer proclaiming his love for his death ex wife, keep this in mind: it was another church, Marble Collegiate, where he said he met in secret with Maples while he was married to Ivana. He’s a very religious man, you know!

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