Home Theater Broadway: “Funny Girl” Trouble Continues, Beanie Feldstein Out for Weekend with Tonsillitis

September cannot come fast enough for the producers of “Funny Girl” on Broadway.

Star Beanie Feldstein, who’s missed dozens of shows for dozens of reasons, is out this weekend. She says on social media she has tonsillitis.

Presumably understudy Julie Benko, who should get a special award for always stepping up and always being great, will take today’s matinee and evening performances and tomorrow’s matinee. She did perform last night as well.

On Instagram, Beanie, who is leaving the show on July 31st, says she’s looking forward to her last two weeks as Fanny Brice. Benko takes over for August, and Lea Michele arrives right after Labor Day to save the failing musical. So far, Michele’s tickets are in hot demand.

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