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“The Gray Man” is here.

Reviews are bad, as expected. They’re running about 50/50 on Rotten Tomatoes right now, with the so called fresh reviews containing a lot of negative comments.

Preview shows for tonight are not selling tickets. At most of the theaters where “The Gray Man” is playing, there are six or seven seats sold. In Manhattan, the movie starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans is playing at the Paris Theater — which Netflix leases for their own films — and the Cinepolis on West 23rd St. The movie is in limited release for a week until it hits the Netflix streaming platform next Friday.

“The Gray Man” is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, of “Avengers” fame. It cost at least $200 million to make, maybe more. It’s the most expensive movie Netflix has ever produced and comes at a time when the streamer is losing subscribers despite having hits with TV series like “Stranger Things.”

We will never know how much or little “The Gray Man” makes during its short, limited release because Netflix doesn’t release figures or report Box office.

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