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HBO received 140 Emmy nominations on Tuesday for shows like “Succession,” “Hacks,” and “The Flight Attendant.”

What they didn’t get was one nomination for “Sex and the City: And Just Like That.”

The revival of the original series was incredibly unpopular with the Emmy voters. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristen Davis, et al were not applauded for their work. Neither was Michael Patrick King, who wrote and produced the series.

Equally snubbed was Sara Ramirez as obnoxious gender fluid “comedian” Chi DIaz. That’s a relief.

Everything about “And Just Like That” was off putting, to say the least. It turned into hate watching for many. So it’s no surprise it’s not being rewarded.

I hope King and company take this news as a message that if they want to regain the greatness of the old days they must take a serious look at Season 2.

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