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The “Jeopardy!” host competition continues.

Last week, ratings rose slightly, just 2%, to 5 million viewers. It’s not a lot for Mayim Bialik, but it did put the show back on top of all syndicated programs. It’s summer, you know, and people are not glued to TV sets. Ken Jennings hovers in the background as a possible permanent host.

Among all syndicated shows, “Judy Judy” continues to draw 4.4 million viewers. This is despite the shows being all reruns from the last 10 years. Nothing is new. Judy Judy’s new shows are on amazon prime. But her fans either have Alzheimer’s and don’t mind seeing the same cases over and over, or simply don’t care. This is how Judy Judy lives in mansions.

Among talk shows, the big news is “Kelly Clarkson” rising by 14% to third place behind Dr. Phil, and Live with Kelly and Ryan. Kelly is up to 800,000 viewers average per week. Not bad considering everyone else is down by half a million fans. The talk show world waits now for Jennifer Hudson’s show to debut. I think it will be a huge hit. So hold on!

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