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It’s indeed Hammer time, and I don’t mean Armie Hammer, who is not working selling time shares in the Cayman Islands. (Congrats to TMZ for getting duped.)

No, I do mean “Thor Love and Thunder.” The fourth installment in the Marvel series had its best ever opening weekend– $143 million. That’s about $14 million more than the last one, “Ragnarok.”

All around the world, including the US. “Love and Thunder” has $300 million under its belt already. This will go on and on for a while as Marvel rakes in the bucks, Disney does a dance, and Easter eggs are discussed and examined.

Yes. I find it tiresome. Most adults do. Blockbuster after blockbuster isn’t that interesting when the movies are not memorable except to comic book aficionados. Nothing expressed in these movies will mean anything in years to come. But for now, it means solid stock prices and Maybachs for everyone involved!


PS Maybe Disney will make “Black Swan II” for Natalie Portman as a thank you.

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