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Beanie Feldstein says she’s leaving “Funny Girl” on Juy 31st. She missed the Saturday matinee and has skipped a lot of other performances since the show opened in April.

“Funny Girl” says that they’ll announce her replacement tomorrow, Monday. at 1pm. I told you weeks ago that Lea Michele of “Glee” fame is her likely successor.

Other cast members may be changing as well. Jane Lynch is likely to go with Beanie rather than wait til the late September date already announced.

Beanie’s announcement is below. I feel bad. Beanie is a talented actor with a great voice. I think she got a raw deal on Broadway from people who wanted Barbra Streisand and got a young Totie Fields.

Beanie will survive. Now we wait and see if Lea Michele got the part as I was told. If not, there’s not much we can say.

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