Home business “Thor Love and Thunder” Thunders to $40 Mil Friday, $69.5 Mil Opening...

The hammer has been swung.

Tongue in cheek “Thor Love and Thunder” is, of course, a massive Marvel hit.

Friday night box office was $40 million. Adding in Thursday previews, Marvel has $69.5 million to start the weekend.

They’re heading to a $150 million weekend. Or more. The gods only know.

On Twitter there’s debate if the movie is good or bad or whatever. But we’re well beyond all that now. All that matters is that the merchandise is selling, the drinks are cold, and the popcorn has butter.

All the other big movies did well last night– “Elvis,” “Minions.” “Jurassic World 6.” Considered a failure, “Lightyear” made it to $110 million.

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