Home Television “Jeopardy!” Host Competition Sharpens as Ratings Fall Again While “Family Feud” Rises

The competition for “Jeopardy!” host continues to sharpen as the weeks go by.

For the week ending June 26th. “Jeopardy! ratings dipped again, by 2%, to 4.9. They’d been at 5.0 the previous week, and 5.2 before that. They’ve been down appreciably with Mayim Bialik as host.

All syndicated shows are down during the summer, but “Jeopardy!” is the only major game show to lose viewers in June. “Family Feud” is up and has taken the number 1 spot away from “Jeopardy!” Meanwhile, “Wheel of Fortune” has remained steady.

Soon Sony TV will have to decide if Bialik is the permanent host or if they will select Ken Jennings. Jennings’ ratings are always consistently in the upper 5’s or 6 million. A lot of that has to do with the contestants’ success, but the host drives the show.

Bialik is busy either way. She goes back to her Fox sitcom soon to tape a new season.

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