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The New York Post this morning– and other lemmings– are screaming on their front pages about grisly Hollywood murders of models.

The murders happened. But the alleged murders have nothing to do with the film or TV business. They represent the underbelly of Tinsel Town.

“Producer” David Pearce has produced nothing of any interest or value. He has no credits and no one’s heard of him. He’s just one of those guys you see at parties, lounge lizards who are not involved in the day to day business of Hollywood.

The Post is excited about an “actor” named Brandt Osborn. But he has no credits either. His real name, or his stage name, is Bobby Delfrati. He’s from Staten Island, of course. His four IMDB credits include a non speaking role on Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie.” He was arrested by LAPD on the set of “NCIS Los Angeles,” although it’s unclear what he was doing there. Maybe working the craft food table.

A third person arrested in conjunction with the alleged murder of models and so on is named Mike Ansbach. He’s a camera operator on reality shows like “Shark Tank” (that credit was 11 years ago). He’s also listed as an associate producer for films called “Nice Pants” and “Brides of Satan.” I don’t remember any of these titles on the AFI Best Films list.

All these guys are accused of murder, rape, assault, involving drugs. They’re lowlifes. They’re mot even the Billionaire Boys Club. They’re penny ante at best.

“Hollywood Monsters”? Their only connection to Hollywood is maybe illegally parking there.

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