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Oy vey!

Carlos Santana, whose many hits include “Oye Como Va,” is recovering from heat, exhaustion and dehydration in a Michigan hospital. He collapsed onstage at Pine Knob last night twenty minutes into his set and was rushed to the hospital.

Santana posted on Facebook:
“to one and all
thank you for your precious prayers
Cindy and I we are good just taking it easy
forgot to eat and drink water
so i dehydrated and passed out
blessings and miracles to you all”

Carlos is 74 years young, and an Energizer bunny onstage and off. The amount of energy that it takes to do what he does is incalculable. His blistering guitar work. not to mention running his huge band, requires sustenance and support.

Santana will take a few days off before returning to his tour.

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