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Well, well.

There’s still an audience for Elvis Presley, and it’s a big one.

Warner Bros. is celebrating today. Over the weekend, Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis” crossed the $76 million mark and could be headed to $100 million.

For the studio that has lived on DC Comics movies, this is a nice result. “Elvis” is not part of a ‘universe.’ It’s a standalone movie, a biopic with music, and a film aimed at adults. A lot of people said ahead of time that no one remembered Presley, that young people wouldn’t be interested.

But the naysayers were wrong, The movie has even sent Presley’s records up the charts. The movie soundtrack is number 8 on iTunes, and three different greatest hit collections are in the top 100.

Austin Butler is electric on screen, and the audience has responded. Tom Hanks is having his first hit in some time. Bravo!

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