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The Rupert Murdoch-Jerry Hall divorce is not over by a long shot.

Even with a pre-nup, Murdoch has a big hill to climb before he’s severed from Hall for good.

The uncoupling may cost a lot more than thought. In the agreement to undo the six year marriage, Murdoch would definitely be asking Hall for a Non Disclosure Agreement. This would mean she’d be unable to talk about their marriage or him or his family. Or write a book about the whole experience.

But Hall is not alone. She has four children — Georgia May, Lizzie, James, and Gabriel — and they presumable know everything about the Murdochs– enough to fill several seasons of “Succession.” Murdoch would have to gag them, as well, and maybe even Hall’s four sisters — including twin Terry. For Murdoch, this will not be a bargain. Think of all those people writing books, selling stories to the tabloids! They all know where the liver spots are covered.

Right now, Hall is asking for spousal support. She deserves war pay. She took care of this old geezer for two years during the pandemic. She put in her time. She deserves to be compensated. Murdoch — probably with his children’s pressure — dumped her via email. That wasn’t smart. Instead of talking it out, they scorned Jerry Hall, a Texan through and through. She’s not going away quietly.

I’m rooting for Jerry, of course. Who isn’t? There’s almost no amount of money Rupert Murdoch would miss from his vaults. Let’s hope she backs a Brinks truck up to his wallet.

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