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I don’t how many people have seen Louis CK’s movie, “I Love You Daddy.” It was utter garbage, only available to critics and recalled before it opened because of the comedian’s MeToo accusations. Chloe Grace Moretz may have bought up all the copies available so no one can see it.

Now comes “Fourth of July,” directed by but not starring CK. And the critics who’ve seen it have panned it except for one (and I won’t get into that). So far it’s at 33% on Rotten Tomatoes but that number will drop if other reviewers get to see it.

UPDATE: It’s down to 22% and falling.

The two trades, Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, have panned it. So has the New York Times. Again, the only positive review is from the Wall Street Journal, where Joe Morgenstern has returned and been replaced by something not good.

“Fourth of July” is getting a limited, curated release in theaters that will take it, which are few and far between. The only theater playing it after its premiere tonight at the Beacon Theater is the Village on Second Avenue and 12th St. For a week.

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