Home business “Jeopardy!” Host Competition Narrows as Mayim Bialik Having Trouble Keeping Ratings Up

“Jeopardy!” is having in house competition right now. Who will be regular host? Ken Jennings or Mayim Bialik?

Don;t get me wrong. I have nothing against Mayim. She’s terrific. But she has had trouble keeping the ratings above 5 million. Except for one, she’s been well below 5 million.

The most recent numbers have Mayim just at 5 million fans, down by 200,000 or 4% from the previous week. Bialik’s ratings have not been close to Jennings’ from the winter and spring when there were back to back bonanza winners.

Which host will CBS Television choose? The audience seems to want Jennings more, and Bialik as a substitute and host of special episodes. There’s also a buzz for Buzzy Cohen, but I don’t see that happening. He really doesn’t have a track record in regular ratings weeks.


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