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Cassidy Hutchinson’s blockbuster testimony on Tuesday brought big ratings to MSNBC and toppled Fox News.

At 9pm, the MSNBC recap of the January 6th hearings brought in over 3 million viewers. At the same time, over on Fox News, Sean Hannity could only come up with 2.5 million fans. I’m not sure if he was ducking the negative news about pal Donald Trump or going over Hillary Clinton’s emails from 2015.

Throughout the day MSNBC churned up big numbers, easily defeating CNN at every hour. At 1pm, MSNBC scored its highest ratings of the day — and biggest numbers of the entire day on cable — with 3.5 million.

MSNBC will be happy if the January 6th hearings go on all summer. And Hannity will go on vacation!

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