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Woody Allen is not retiring, let’s get that straight. He’s making “one or two” more movies starting with one late this summer in Paris.

Woody’s interview with Alec Baldwin yesterday (see below) gave a big sales jump to his new collection of stories and essays, “Zero Gravity.” Publicity from the interview sent the book up around 4,000 notches on amazon.

In the interview, Woody does say that he’s lost the excitement of making movies because of streaming and his disappointment over people not seeing his movies in theaters. Woody tells Alec that he wrote several plays during the pandemic, and has thought about writing a novel.

Woody tells Baldwin that he wished he could have directed WC Fields, the Marx Brothers, and Bob Hope, and Jerry Lewis. Woody says Hope was very talented before he became “that Republican and Lewis did “a lot of silly movies.”

Baldwin says Woody is one few people he knows who has a wall of books in his living room, and they’ve all been read.

“No, I haven’t read them,” Woody replies, “I have them because books are warm!”

Good interview, but I’d like to have heard Woody do more talking than Alec.

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