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It used to be a Lifetime movie reenactment of a recent news story was as likely as a scandalous nymph appearing in a No Excuses jeans commercial.

So the good news is that it looks like Lifetime may be buzzing again. No confirmation yet, but a TV movie of some kind is definitely being made about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Casting is going on now, and every potential actor auditioning for role is being made to sign NDAs. They are strictly not allowed to talk about it.

And that’s why we know a little about it. So who will play Johnny, Amber, the judge, and a fun list of supporting characters including Amber’s sister? Knowing Lifetime, or that ilk, the principals will be unknowns. That’s the way they’ve done movies about the royals and so on. But wouldn’t it be great if they got James Franco, now hard up for work, to play Johnny? It’s so “meta,” which Franco loves. And Amber could be played by one of the women suing Franco in real life.

So stay tuned. And all tips are welcome in confidence at showbiz411@gmail.com.

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