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I told you about Strawberry Fields, the place where nothing is real…

That’s the opening line from the Beatles’ “Glass Onion,” which is also the title of the first of two “Knives Out” movies coming from Netflix. “Glass Onion” is the first feature slotted for the Toronto Film Festival in September, and I’m going there even if the world has COVID! (OK?)

Director Rian Johnson made a $400 million deal with Netflix for two sequels to “Knives Out,” his huge pre-pandemic hit. He has total editorial control over the films as long as Daniel Craig is the star.

This column was first to report that Johnson would even be making sequels to “Knives Out.”

The new film also stars Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline with Kate Hudson and Dave Bautista. I would think there would be a surprise cameo from Ana de Armas, star of the first “Knives Out,” as Craig’s character, Benoit Blanc, might need her help. But that’s just supposition.

This is a real coup for TIFF, so hats off to them that they grabbed it so quickly.

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