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So here’s the deal on “Here’s the Deal,” a memoir from Trump Alternative Facts expert Kelly Conway.

The book has dropped off the New York Times best seller list in record time. Four weeks ago it was number 1 with alleged 25,000 copies sold.

This past week, it’s off the top 15. Sales for last week were 5,000 copies, down from 8,000 the previous week.

This news would make you wonder who bought the original 25,000 copies, or if anyone really did. Kellyanne could have daughter Claudia burying boxes of them all over the DC area.

“Here’s the Deal” is at number 776 on amazon this morning. Last night it was down below 1,000.

Even the vile Sarah Huckabee Sanders sold more copies of her fiction tome. NPD Book Scan says she has 100,000 copies in print since December 2020.

May this be the last we hear from Kellyanne on any subject.

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