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Is it a bad album? Or it too soon?

Either way, Drake’s fans have declared “Honestly, Nevermind” to the rapper’s new album, “Honestly, Neermind.”

The new album sold a total of 210K copies in its debut this week. That’s 65% less than his last release, “Certified Lover Boy.” That album dropped in September 2021 and sold 610,000 copies in its first week.

The new album is only number 12 on iTunes after one week.

Almost all of “Honestly, Nevermind” sales came from streaming, Only 11,000 copies were sold as paid downloads. Drake is the king of streaming. Most of the tracks made the Streaming Top 20.

But streaming doesn’t pay like physical sales. And the huge drop from last fall shows that you don’t buy fan loyalty unless there’s something people can hold, touch, or at least claim ownership of.

“Certified Lover Boy” was already down by 100,000 copies from the previous Drake album’s debut.

We don’t have to worry about the rapper suddenly needing public assistance. But I’d be worried if my sales dropped 70% in 9 months.

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