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Liver spotted and 91, Rupert Murdoch is getting a divorce from his fourth wife, 65 year old Jerry Hall. They’ve been married six years.

When they announced their surprise relationship, what did they want? He wanted a younger person to take care of him after Wendi Deng didn’t. She needed money. Hall was broke and ex husband Mick Jagger, who claimed they were never married after 22 years and 4 children, wasn’t going to be her ATM.

So these two kids got hitched. What went wrong? Everything, apparently.

Hall, a Texan, preferred spending time in Dallas rather than Bel Air, California or or London. A source says that Murdoch objected to Hall’s smoking when they were together and she didn’t care. “She’d blow smoke in his face,” they say, which doesn’t sound like true love.

There was the practical problem of Murdoch running a racist TV network and New York tabloid both of which publish lies and promote right wing craziness. It’s possible that Hall just wasn’t on board for the mayhem Murdoch has endorsed.

On Monday night, Murdoch hosted a party in London’s Serpentine Gallery, the perfect name for a gathering of snakes. The invitations came from Rupert, Hall. and son Lachlan Murdoch. It’s an annual summer party for Conservatives. It was a private kiss-the-ring affair. Guess who was there? The UK’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, and his cabinet. So much for his independence.

Guess who was not there? Jerry Hall. Sharp eyed guests realized this and one of them called the New York Times. A scoop followed yesterday afternoon.

Is there a pre-nup? I’m told, “absolutely, of course there is.” Hall is not likely to get a large settlement. One insider speculated it was less than $10 million. It’s possible the pre-nup pays $1 million for the first ten years, and then scales up. Most pre-nups with the wealthy go like that. The fact that Jerry couldn’t past the sixth year is disappointing. I wish she could have really soaked him.

Will she be able to write a book? Or will an NDA be involved? How can Hall parlay all this into some income? I hope she can figure that out. I knew her back in the day via Liz Smith, they were two Texas broads who admired each other immensely. Jerry was always a bubbly personality. She can rebound from this. Murdoch is 91, he could certainly fit in one more marriage. Hall, too, easily. Good luck to both of them!

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