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Tuesday’s dramatic presentation by the January 6th committee was a hit on cable.

MSNBC scored 3 million viewers at 1pm, and held onto 2.6 million when they were re-checked at 3:40pm. At 8pm, 2.4 million people tuned in to see it all again and watched through the 9 to 10 hour.

On CNN, 2 million people came in at 1pm, and most of them stayed at 3:40pm when the hearing resumed from a break. Jake Tapper held onto 1.4 million when the hearing was over.

Alas, CNN’s other ratings for the day were miniscule. But that has nothing to do with “partisan” anchors. The last thing CNN viewers want to see is a bunch of right wingers lying to the audience about the importance of the hearings or rationalizing Trump backed efforts to overthrow the government.

On FoxNews however, lies are preferred. The extremely partisan network only pulled 773,000 viewers at 1pm and lagged well behind both MSNBC and CNN all day. It was only at night when Fox’s team of ghouls comes out that their audience grew, hungry for lies about what had happened all day.

It should be some consolation that no Fox evening show drew a rating above 3 million, and did not beat MSNBC’s 1pm coverage.

PS All afternoon as the news broke, Fox also ignored the news about its addled 91 year old owner, Rupert Murdoch, getting his fourth divorce.

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