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THURSDAY MORNING JUNE 23 “Here’s the Plea Deal” is now lodged at 641 on Amazon.

WEDS MORNING JUNE 22 The book has fallen to number 578 on Amazon.

EARLIER: Executive liar in chief from the Trump administration, Kellyanne Conway, is losing book sales fast.

In her third, Conway’s “Here’s the Squeal,” er, “Deal,” sold just 8,071 copies according to NPD Book Scan.

That’s over a 100% drop in three weeks from the initial release of 25,000 copies.

On amazon, “Where’s the Beef?” –er, “Here’s the Deal”– is at number 370 and dropping like a rock.

Conway is still forcing herself onto TV, and some commentators are allowing it just to play with her like a kitten with a toy mouse. But I’d rather she disappeared now. The book, by the way, if you bought it, is good for propping up laptops during Zoom calls.

When the book drops out of the Amazon top 500 we’ll all meet at Bowling Green station for an Alternative Celebration.

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